Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Home, Sweet Home!


Well, if it weren’t that we’re already busy planning our next road trip in the Arctic Fox, to drive to Alaska beginning the third week of May, we MIGHT be a little sorry we came home so early! We arrived last Thursday and woke up multiple times during the night to the sound of rain pounding on the bedroom skylight. The next day was actually sunny and mild, and Bob was able to mow the lawn, but by Sunday morning the weather deteriorated significantly. We woke at 5am to a completely dark house – the power was out – with high winds and hard rain, even some hailstones.


Turns out a tree had fallen on the electrical lines on the road coming down the hill to our house. So we lit candles and the fireplace, then got dressed and headed to the YMCA for coffee, exercise, warmth and hot showers. By 10:30 am power was restored. So we’re busy emptying and cleaning the Fox, re-stocking, seeing family, friends and neighbors, and reading Mike and Terri Church’s book on camping in Alaska, among other sources of information. In truth, we’re happy to be home. But Baja was a wonderful place to spend a second winter!

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