Friday, June 19, 2009

South Sound Tour

June has been unbelievable: the sunshine never seems to quit. We had 29 days straight with no rain. As another week of forecasted sunshine began, we packed up the boat with our gear, and added Jim and Phebe and their camping gear. Monday we cruised through the Tacoma Narrows to the south end of Hartstine Island, then up the west side of Hartstine to Jarrell Cove State Park. Jim and Phebe pitched their tent just up the hill from the dock in a spot with a great view, and we relaxed in the boat reading before heading out for an afternoon stroll. We spent our first night here cooking on the camp stove before retiring early. Tuesday morning we cruised up to Fair Harbor across from Treasure Island where we fueled up then went to the middle of Case Inlet where we floated, relaxing in the sun and eating lunch. After lunch we cruised around the Key Peninsula until we reached Lakebay and Penrose State Park. That afternoon we took another stroll followed by a nap on the beach for Jim and Phebe, and on the boat for Bob – Cathryn was the wakeful one – she read a book. Wednesday morning after a leisurely breakfast and the trip home, we arrived around 2 PM. It’s time for the women to get ready for book group.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Dinner and an Overnight in Seattle

We had dinner with Ryan and Jaime at their place last night – our first meal in their home. Jaime spent a good part of the day preparing an oxtail and vegetable sauce, served over pasta – fabulous! The weather was so good yesterday we decided to take the boat there from our place and stay overnight at Bell Harbor Marina. It was a 45 minute trip from our buoy to the dock at Pier 66. The next morning, another beautiful day, we went for a run at Myrtle Edwards Park. After our run and a shower we went off to Pike Place Market to do some shopping and meet Mackenzie for lunch, humbows and lemonade on the grass at Victor Steinbrueck Park. About 2PM we piled into the boat and headed home. This is the kind of spontaneous activity that makes being retired in the Northwest so much fun.