Thursday, March 11, 2010

Desperate Times


It’s not quite to the point that Bob is ready to hit the SOS button on our SPOT device (see side bar for details) which generates an emergency response, but these are indeed desperate times. Bob’s Ipod stopped working two days ago. We only have one CD in the car, and as much as Bob likes Eric Clapton, it will not be enough. Bob “needs” his music, and is suffering withdrawal.

He’s tried pushing the buttons at 12 and 6 simultaneously to get it to reset, but it won’t do it. Unfortunately the IPod is synced with a desktop in Olalla, so he can’t try that. Anyone have any ideas?

We don’t think this will cause our travels to be aborted, but Bob is no longer quite so happy!


Anonymous said...

I will help you. For the ipod you have to hold down the 12 AND THE MIDDLE BUTTON and the 6 button. It is caused the 3 finger salute.

Put your fingers on the buttons at as close to the same time and hold them down for say 5 seconds.

That should do it. please let me know at

Anonymous said...

oops also have it plugged in when doing the salute. It always seems to help a little bit more...after you get it going you need to go to apple and see if you have the latest firmware and software. It is free. My originial iPod froze - yep bought it the first day they came out years ago; anyway, apple fixed it with the first update.