Sunday, March 14, 2010

Our Last Beach in Baja

Following an uneventful evening, we pulled out of Guerrero Negro this morning. Four kilometers north of town is the State line separating Baja California Sur from Baja California, and crossing this line includes a change of time zone from Mountain Time back an hour to Pacific Time. We think the U.S. also had Daylight Savings Time change last night, but the changeover here in Mexico is not for a couple of weeks yet, so until we cross the border in a week or less, Pacific Time in the U.S. is one hour ahead of us, and Mountain Time in the U.S. is two hours ahead of us. We’ll try to keep it straight in our heads if we have good internet and try to call any family.


Three hours after our departure, we arrived at Bahia de los Angeles, a place we spent 8 days last October on our southbound leg. It is beautiful, as we remember it. We’re at Daggett’s Fish Camp again, right on the beach, where each spot has its’ own little palapa, but the sites are very close together. There are flush toilets, hot showers, a dump station and garbage service, but no water or electric hook-ups, which is fine with us. We’re extremely happy with our solar panels and can’t imagine using a generator as long as our travel plans take us to sunny climes. We’ll see how that works in Alaska in May and June!


The wind is quite high today, probably 25 mph with stronger gusts, so our afternoon walk to the lighthouse was shortened to only halfway there. Ron and Francesca, the California couple we met a few days ago on Playa Requeson (the spot on the spit) pulled into Daggett’s this afternoon, and we agreed to have dinner together tonight at Larry and Raquel’s, famous for their fish tacos and margaritas. We spent cocktail hour in their rig (more spacious than ours) because of the wind that kept us indoors, then walked next door to Larry and Raquels for dinner.  We had fish tacos, courtesy of Ruth, as Larry is in Ensanada for the time being.  Lots of talk of travels and retired life, so an enjoyable evening. We walked back to Daggett’s by flashlight and called it “Baja Midnight”. We remain happy and well!

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