Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Alaska: The Plan


OK, we’ve put The Plan to paper and drawn it on a map. We know we won’t follow The Plan, because we never do, but we wanted to see if we could really “do” a trip to Alaska in only 6 weeks. It looks like we can, although we’ll leave lots of things for a second or third trip. It’s like trying to see most of the lower 48 in 6 weeks (it’s actually similar mileage) . . . it can’t be done.

We laid it out as if we were going to do the full trip in 38 days. We know we have at least a couple of days of driving that may be too long, and we’re sure we’ll find places we just have to spend another day. But we actually have about 45 days available for the trip, so we have the ability to add days when we want to or need to.

We’ve put a map in the right-hand column showing the route (double click on it to enlarge the map) and added a tab or “page” just under the header picture that has a text copy of the itinerary. We’d love to hear from anyone who has made a trip to Alaska if you have suggestions on things to do or see, places to stay, or places to eat along our route.

We plan to leave Monday, May 17th and return the 1st of July. July, August and September are the three months in which the weather is dependably great on Puget Sound, and we want to be home for the peak of the boating season.

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Gary said...

Looks like a great trip you've got planned. And you're right, you need a lot more time to just see the highlights.