Friday, March 12, 2010

Sound of Music!


Thanks to Jim, a blog reader unknown to us, who commented on our Desperate Times post about Bob’s iPod failure. He suggested Bob needed to give it the “three finger salute”. It worked, and Bob is now happy again! If you’re interested in more details, go back to the post and read under the “comments” section. We also got much appreciated suggestions from Jim in Costa Rica, and Valerie in Seattle that sounded helpful, but Bob tried the three finger salute first, and it worked. It’s great when folks can feel our pain and step up to help. On a related note: during last night’s happy hour, Ron was telling Bob about Sirius radio and their “a la carte plan” with which you can get 50 stations on the satellite radio for $6/month. Sounds like there’s some new technology our future. This should be perfect for our Alaska trip in May and June, and a good fall-back in case of any future iPod failures.

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Anonymous said...

Yippee..So glad I could help a fellow Apple user as well as a music lover. Yep Eric Clapton rocks but not 24/7 LOL :)
I found you guys thru hitch-itch web site and while it was the first time I read your blog it had to be fate that did it for you guys. I am also doing the fulltime rving thing and just love it. Retirement is awesome :)
Again so glad I could help.