Thursday, March 11, 2010

Wind, More Clams and Cocktails


Today was windy. Not just a little, but a lot. We sat outside at 6am with our coffee watching the sunrise, and by 8:30 the wind began to come up. And then it came up some more. By 11:00 Bob wandered inside the Arctic Fox to read, saying he “needed a break from the wind”. The thermometer never broke 70 today, topping out at 69 and very sunny, but chilly because of the wind.

At 1:30, close to peak low tide, we again drove up to Playa Armenta to go clamming. But this time we hit pay dirt, filling our bucket (see photo) with a couple kilos of clams in about 20 minutes! Needless to say we can’t eat that many clams, so we wandered over to a truck on our beach which houses a 30-ish couple (and their 4 dogs) from Alaska who have been kite-sailing in La Ventana since December, and offered them half of our take. They were thrilled and grateful. So were we, as we wouldn’t want to waste all those delicious butter clams.


Almost half the residents of Playa Requeson have pulled out to head north in the last 2 days, so the beach is starting to look pretty empty. About 2:00 a couple from the L.A. area, Ron and Francesca, drove in and parked next to us. We exchanged greetings, talked briefly and agreed to get together for cocktail hour. They arrived at 5:00 with quesadillas and wine, and we sat outside for 2 ½ hours sharing stories on our lives and travels. He’s an electrical engineer who worked in the satellite development industry, and still does occasional consulting work, so we discussed technology quite a bit, among other topics. Like us, they have 3 kids and are interested in boating, and this is their first Baja RV trip. Cathryn and Francesca took tours of each other’s “homes” to compare the differences between a 21.5 foot 5th wheel and a 28-foot class C motor home. Notably, Cathryn drooled over the amount of closet space they have for clothes, and with a pull-out in the dining area, their place seems quite spacious. Don’t worry we’re not going to by another RV! Altogether a nice evening, after which we cooked our clams for dinner, read awhile and headed to bed.


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