Sunday, March 7, 2010

Last Day at Playa Juncalito


We’ve been here a full week and had a wonderful time sailing, fishing, whale-watching, walking on the beach and spending time with friends who live here all winter and those who pass through briefly, as we do. Playa Juncalito remains one of our very favorite spots, in part because we’re not traveling with friends from home (like so many do) and the folks who “live” here all winter are so warm and welcoming to those of us who are transients.


Today Carl (our sailing and fishing buddy here at Juncalito) proposed a walk to the top of the hill above the beach. Bob has a bruised heel, so declined, but Cathryn took him up on the suggestion. It’s a short distance, and about 500 feet of elevation gain, no trail and covered with cactus, scrubby trees and bushes, and rocks both small and large. Cathryn is accustomed to grabbing onto things in the terrain to aid balance, but in this environment that’s a bad idea – almost everything except the rocks has thorns! It took only 40 minutes to gain the summit, after reaching two false summits, and the views of Playa Juncalito, Juncalito Village, Puerto Escondido, and the Sea of Cortez were spectacular. This perspective, seen in the photos, affords a better understanding of the layout of the area. Not shown in the photographs is the fact that 180 degrees behind the view is the spectacular Sierra de la Giganta, the mountains shown in the masthead at the top of this blog. What spectacular beauty we’ve enjoyed for the last week!


So our holding tanks  (from the toilet shower and sinks) registered as full today, so instead of leaving here Monday morning as planned, we’re pulling out Sunday to travel 12 miles up Mex 1 to go to the Sunday market and spend the night in an RV park in Loreto that has a dump station and , water and electrical connections, as well as laundry and internet. We plan (?) to spend next week or so on another beach near Mulege with no amenities, so best to be all watered up, charged up, with empty our tanks, clean clothes and adequate groceries. We wandered down the beach late today to say goodbye to Tom and Cindy, Carl and Chris, and the 6 Canadians who are parked alongside us, Doug and Jill and their friends from British Columbia. Northward we go!

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