Monday, March 1, 2010

Great Day on the Water!

When we were here on Playa Juncalito a year ago we met Carl and Chris, an American and English couple who live part of the year in Canada and part of the year here on the beach. Carl owns a 28-foot sailboat that stays in Juncalito year-round, and invited us to sail with him last year. That afternoon on the water was one of many reasons we fell in love with camping on Juncalito. Saturday as we first drove the road into Playa Juncalito, still towing our trailer, a truck emerged from the beach and the occupants rolled down their windows to say hello. Who should it be, but Carl with two friends! Moments later we arrived on the beach and stopped to say hello to Chris. Yesterday we were on a walk on the beach and visited with the two of them for awhile and received an invitation to sail with Carl today. So we did!


The wind was a little lighter than last year on the sailboat, perhaps 10 knots. There was not a cloud in the sky, temp about 76, and “Blue”, the boat, had a few equipment upgrades to show off – a new dinghy, and an electronic auto-tiller. We spent 4 hours cruising to the south, east and north (see our SPOT markers on the right-hand side-bar for our locations on the water), running, reaching and tacking, entering Honeymoon Bay where two large sailboats were anchored and a group of kayakers was camped. It was altogether beautiful, relaxing and fun. Carl and Chris lead an interesting life, here on the beach half the year, and in their off-grid cabin in the woods in Canada with their closest neighbors 2 1/2 miles away, so Carl has lots of stories to tell. After returning to the marina, then the beach, we joined Carl and Chris and 6 of their friends for cocktail hour – a nice bunch of Canadians who spend the winter here.


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