Monday, March 8, 2010

Bahia Concepcion


Bahia Concepcion is a huge bay about 20 miles long with large, close-by islands to the east resulting in relatively shallow protected waters in the bay. There are a dozen camping beaches strung along the bay, and we camped on two of them last year, Santispac and Requeson. This morning we returned to Requeson, a gorgeous white-sand beach with pale turquoise water and a narrow spit connecting to a small off-shore island. Half the spit disappears at high tide, so it’s important not to park a rig beyond the high water mark. We’re the 3rd rig from the end, at least for today. There are only a dozen rigs on the beach, and the area is large enough that essentially all of them are parked parallel to the water, yielding outstanding views out both sides of the rig with water to both the north and the south of the spit.


After settling into our spot, we went on a walk the length of the spit, then up the shore to the next camping beach, La Perla. The palapa we camped adjacent to last winter was apparently destroyed in the hurricane that hit this area last September, along with many others. The temperature was sunny and in the mid-70s as usual, and there was no wind until about 4:00 when it picked up and continued to blow through the evening. We sat outside after dinner (fish tacos made from some of that delicious Yellowtail Bob caught a few days ago at Juncalito) and had a glass of wine while looking at stars, but it was chilly enough (62 and windy) that Cathryn wrapped up in a blanket, and Bob put on his heavy hooded sweatshirt and socks.

2010 Bajs 31

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Gary said...

When it hit 62 degrees last weekend in Seattle it felt "muy caliente"!