Friday, March 12, 2010

Petty Corruption

Our Garmin GPS tells us we drove 201.8 miles today at an average speed of 42.8 miles per hour – it will track in DSC05714 kilometers instead if we wish, which would make sense here, but we’ve left it on miles. Close to half the distance was uphill through winding mountain terrain, including a 1,400-foot climb of the appropriately named “Cuesta del Infierno” (or “Grade from Hell”) which is actually a little scary going downhill being pushed by a trailer, but just a major gas-eater going up.


The route brought us to yet another Military Checkpoint just north of San Ignacio. Again, we were asked to get out of the truck for inspection and to open the trailer. Bob stayed with the guy inspecting things in the truck, and Cathryn went inside the Arctic Fox with the second guy, carrying on a friendly conversation in Spanish about our 5 children (he saw the family photo on the trailer wall taken the night before Mackenzie and Matt’s wedding, so it includes Matt and Jaime, who he took to be our kids in addition to Ryan, Mackenzie and Adrienne). He opened all the cabinets, and then the refrigerator. On observing the contents of the refrigerator, he said “Oh, you have beer!” Cathryn nodded and acknowledged that we like beer. He said “So do I. Is one for me?” Cathryn thought he was kidding, but said “Yes, if you want one.” He removed one bottle of beer, pulled up his shirt and tucked the bottle into the loose pocket of his pants after looking outside the trailer door to see if any other soldiers might see him! Cathryn was equal parts astonished and amused, as was Bob when she reported the incident after we pulled away from the checkpoint.

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