Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Day on the Beach


Does that title sound familiar? Get used to it, because we expect to have quite a few more of these in the next week or two. We’re loving our spot on the beach about 75 feet back from the water with waves lapping 24/7, and we’ve been particularly fortunate that today was less windy than usual, as the next few days are predicted to be too. We’re settled in, have met some of the immediate neighbors, are enjoying reading our books and walking on the beach.


At 5:00 Cindy and Tom (the couple who were the only other folks on the beach with us last October when we came through southbound) wandered down to our site for cocktails. We caught up on each other’s lives since we last saw each other 4 months ago, compared summer plans, listened to music, and Cindy and Cathryn danced on the beach. What’s wrong with our guys that they didn’t want to join us? (or perhaps a better question is: what did Cathryn and Cindy drink that Tom and Bob didn’t?) Altogether a fun reunion, and as usual, the evening wrapped up early. Baja Midnight had us in bed at 9:00, knowing we had an early start coming the next day.


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Valerie said...

Cathryn, look at those moves!!