Friday, March 5, 2010

Poke: (AKA “I don’t eat raw fish”)

We went to dinner at Carl and Chris’s rig last night. Chris made some outstanding chicken curry, and they invited about a dozen folks from up and down the beach for happy hour followed by curry! Part of happy hour tradition is that everyone brings hors d’oeuvres, and last night folks went all out. Our favorite was the Poke. Poke is a marinade made of soya sauce, green onions and sesame oil, which is then used to marinate raw fish, Usually tuna, but in this case Yellowtail caught that morning (ask for the recipe if interested). Without inquiring what she was eating, Cathryn had several bites on a chip, raved about it, and asked for the recipe. When it was announced that it included raw fish, Bob started choking. It soon came out that Bob was laughing because Cathryn has always claimed she doesn’t eat raw fish. It then became the joke of the night, every time Cathryn dipped in one more chip!


During coffee this morning, one of last night’s dinner guests dropped by our spot and delivered a container of freshly made fish chowder, including clams and octopus, for our lunch. There obviously is quite a sense of community here at Playa Juncalito. It’s one of the reasons we like it, and we’re grateful to be so warmly welcomed. See the photo of the chowder above.

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