Saturday, March 13, 2010

Petty Corruption: Chapter 2


We talked to two couples here in the RV camp tonight, and the conversation touched on the military checkpoint north of San Ignacio, where we “donated” a bottle of beer to one of the young men staffing the checkpoint. One of these other couples had been asked if they’d give a bottle of Tequila; the other was asked if they’d donate one of the stuffed animals on their dashboard. Both declined and suffered no repercussions as a result.

We’ve been through this checkpoint three times previously, and other checkpoints up and down the peninsula, and never previously been asked for anything. All we can guess is that it has to do with current crew, not a fixture of the checkpoint culture. We don’t resent one bottle of beer, but are still happy that these other travelers didn’t get any grief for saying “no” to more significant requests.

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