Monday, March 15, 2010

The Ides of March, 2010

We considered not posting today, as it was “just another day at the beach”, but we’re unsure when we’ll have internet again, so decided to write something brief. The winds died down late last evening, and today dawned calm, with flat water, and nothing but sunshine. Our bodies have not adjusted to the time change from crossing the State line yesterday, so at 5:15 a.m. we were sitting on the beach in our pajamas drinking coffee and watching the sunrise, which came over the horizon only 15 minutes later. All of the campground dogs, and there are MANY, came to say good morning.

We had a run, several hours of reading in our Lafuma chairs in the sun (or at least Bob was in the sun; Cathryn mostly stayed in the shade of the palapa) and a bit of a visit with Mike from California. He was our next door neighbor when we were here last October, and is still here for another month, when he’ll finally head home. While we can’t personally imagine camping on the same beach for 6 months straight, there are LOTS of folks in Baja who do just that, so we may well be out-numbered in our view.

Ron and Francesca, the California couple we’ve camped near several times, came over for cocktails late this afternoon, then we were back to the Arctic Fox for dinner.

Plans change so readily we hate to put anything out there, but we’re thinking we’ll pull out tomorrow morning and head to the San Quintin area for one night, then cross the border either Wednesday or Thursday depending on how our next few travel days go. After 2 ½ months in Baja this winter, and 6 weeks last Fall, we’ll be happy to have wide highway lanes and cell phones again!

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