Thursday, February 4, 2010

Wood Shopping

This morning the weather was back to normal: sunny and 70s. We puttered around the house until 9:30, then drove to Miraflores and Santiago. Miraflores is the town famous for its leather works and beautiful women. We did not have any sightings of the latter today.

Our first stop was a furniture shop we’d not visited the last time we visited. We met Lupe, the owner, who is the 3rd generation of his family in the business, and works with his two sons. He showed us around his rustic retail shop, then took us in the back to his workshop. David, Bob’s brother-in-law who does a lot of wood work, was very interested in the exotic woods Lupe harvests locally and uses in his work. Lupe ended up taking us to his other shop adjacent to his home where David bought a piece of Palo de Chino wood that he says probably would have cost him hundreds of dollars back home, but for which he paid $54. We suspect both of them got a great deal.

From Miraflores we drove up into the Sierra La Laguna to the waterfall at Santiago where we had a picnic lunch and basked in the sun. It was very nice and allowed Lynn and David to begin to collect data to vote in the “great waterfall ranking contest”.

Dinner was tamales and salad, and now we’re debriefing over a glass of wine.

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