Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Great Debate Canceled

We got a bit of a slow start this morning. Bob and Cathryn went for a run, Russett stopped in for a cup of coffee, and Lynn and David drank coffee and did crossword or Sudoku puzzles while waiting on us. Finally we loaded into the truck and drove up the San Bartolo arroyo next to our house on the sand and gravel road to see the waterfall. We arrived to find the water flow diminished since our last visit, but the walk up the stream-bed lovely, the sun and rocks warm, and the water in the pool at the base of the waterfall refreshing for dipping our toes. We hung around for 45 minutes or so, then re-traced our steps and returned to the house for a late lunch. Then on to Round 2!

We drove up the Buenos Aires arroyo this afternoon and began by exploring the area leading to the headwall of the arroyo, a lovely granite canyon that we were introduced to last November by Russett, along with Jim and Phebe. It was as beautiful as we recalled it, and Lynn and David were enthralled by the gorgeous rock. Again, we sat in the sun and enjoyed the view, then wandered back downstream and drove the short distance to the Buenos Aires waterfall, another 15 minute walk through a streambed and over rocks to a gorgeous waterfall with a pool at the bottom. We didn’t swim this time as we had in November, but lounged around and enjoyed the view.

It seems that Lynn and David do not concur in our need to “rank” the 3 waterfalls we’ve enjoyed in the Los Barriles area (Santiago, San Bartolo and Buenos Aires). They found each one to be a different experience, gorgeous and enjoyable – not worth comparing, just worth relishing. So the great waterfall ranking debate will remain unresolved.

About 5:00 we headed back to town, stopped at the bus station to make some inquiries in anticipation of tomorrow’s adventure, picked up some groceries, then went home to have a drink on the rooftop followed by shrimp tacos for dinner. Russett brought dessert and came in for a visit, then “Baja Midnight” called and we all headed for bed. Another lovely day in paradise where it remains sunny and in the 70s.

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