Thursday, February 25, 2010

Our New Home

Or Bob, at least threatens that he is never leaving Playa Ligui! Late this morning we moved from last night’s camp spot at the “telephone booth” to another spot about 100 feet away. The new site is also only 80 feet from the water with a great view, and has enough vegetation to provide visual privacy, and if the weather forecast for Friday is correct, some wind protection. The old spot didn’t have these last two features and had the disadvantage of being right under the “telephone booth”. The telephone booth is a location about 50 feet up an adjacent slope that is just high enough to have a direct line of sight to the town of Loreto, and according to one camper we talked to, has 5 bars of cell signal, versus 1 bar on the beach. This improved cell service has people, both Mexicans living nearby as well as campers here on Playa Ligui, coming from near and far all day and late into the evening to make their calls! Not a big deal, but when the new spot opened up later this morning, we jumped on it.

PlaIMG_1356 ya Ligui has it all. A great beach, privacy, a nice running route and still close to Puerto Escondo (10 kilometers up the road) for internet access, water and laundry, and Loreto (25 kilometers) which has groceries and all the urban amenities we need. If you fellow travels we’ve met on the road stop by, we’re at the extreme south end of the beach, and as of this writing, there’s lots of space to park nearby.

Here is a picture of the beach and the Sea of Cortez from our bedroom window.


We haven’t made up our mind about moving up the road 10 kilometers to Playa Juncalito where we’d planned to stay. This place is great, but Playa Juncalito has some great people we met during earlier visits. We may see if we can still connect with them as non-resident visitors. Obviously we’ve proved that our plan at any moment is subject to change.

We spent most of today as a “beach day”. After going for a run on which we were joined by the woman from an adjacent campsite, we lazed around reading books and went beach-walking, in addition to our move from one campsite to the other. We saw half a dozen small pods of dolphins pass near the shore, watched a young couple snorkeling for clams just off the beach, and chatted briefly with a few folks who wandered through. The moon is almost full, so we sat outside until after 8:00 pm. It was warm, and the moon was so bright we could see our shadows. Life is good!



Valerie said...

Perhaps I'm dense... but what is that last picture in this post?

Olalla Bay said...

it's the moon, of course