Sunday, February 21, 2010

Small Town Famous: Live Music is Best

Liverpool had the Beatles, SoCal had the Beach Boys and Los Barriles has Alex and Miguel, aka Depue/de Hoyos. Last night we went to a local fundraiser for a nascent local recycling program. The feature act was a duo that plays regularly here in town.

Alex is a self-described fiddle player (a violin, really), who seems to have a bit of a case of restless leg, head and shoulders, and Miguel plays the guitar. Alex is the inspired one, given to wild and sometimes amusing flourishes; Miguel is the master mechanic, and both are very good and justly famous in their context. It truly goes to prove that live music is best. If you’d like to listen to some of their music, go to .

The concert took place at East Cape RV Park, around the swimming pool, under the stars and palm trees. We think it was probably the biggest event of the year for Los Barriles, with an estimated 250-300 people in attendance. During the show a group of “mature” women provided some dancing back-up for about 10 minutes . . . before they got too tired. Another dancer performed a Mexican dance in the background, and Miguel clearly wore her out too. During the intermission a group of Mexican girls from La Paz performed a series of Hawaiian dances. They were quite good, although it was rather incongruent with our surroundings, and they each needed to lose about 25 pounds before they’d become a threat to the women you see at luaus in Hawaii. It was altogether a fun evening of “small town famous” activities. We bought a bottle of wine and sat in our camp chairs under the stars wearing shorts and short sleeves watching all the action until almost 10:00 pm. A truly late night for us.

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