Sunday, February 21, 2010

A Call for Help!

OK, don’t get excited folks, this isn’t a life or death issue – or maybe it is -- it does concern food! We noted that Valerie commented on our post about Mexican cooking, saying she and Lance would volunteer to help eat tamales if Cathryn makes them at home. That got us thinking: where do we get a couple of the ingredients we know we can’t find at Albertson’s in Gig Harbor? Bob did a little internet surfing, looking for Mexican groceries in the Seattle area, and didn’t come up with much. There seems to be a combined grocery/restaurant near Starbucks at the Market, another combo like this on Smith Street in Kent, and some vague references to the South Park and White Center areas. Oh, and several, of course, if you’re willing to drive to Yakima!

Does anyone know where you can get chiles guajillo (the dried red ones that are about 4-6” long), and hojas tamales or corn husk leaves? These are a couple of the specialized ingredients for tamales. The rest we can improvise – especially hoping to come up with a healthier alternative to the lard used here in Mexico. Wonder how canola or olive oil would do? We’d also like to find Machaca, and good, authentic chorizo, and real enchilada sauces. Anybody who supplies us with a good source gets invited to dinner in Olalla for tamales!

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thesullivans said...

I absolutely guarantee you you could find it in white center if you can find it anywhere. The Roxbury Safeway has two entire aisles of mexican stuff. and thats safeway. There's lots of ethnic lil grovery store there.