Sunday, February 28, 2010

We’re Flakes?

After announcing that Bob was never leaving Ligui, guess what!? The next day we packed up and moved to Playa Juncalito 10 miles up the beach. We decided that potential (and that’s all it is) to get an internet signal from the nearby village, maybe some sailing if Carl was there, and the fact there would be more rigs thus providing an added measure of security when we drive away from ours for day trips, was a good trade off. While we loved our site at Ligui, and its view and privacy, it was at the far end of the beach and not visually connected to nearby rigs. While not technically violating our “3 + 1” (rigs) security rule here in Mexico, it flirted with a violation.

We were having coffee on the beach in our pj’s while we discussed the plan to move, and listened to the Net at the same time. The Net is an 8:00 am daily structured conversation transmitted over the VHS marine radio sponsored by the Hidden Port Yacht Club (of which we’re members). Some items included in the daily agenda: emergency needs or notices, weather, tides, arrivals and departures, swaps and trades, and rides and crews needed. Usually there isn’t anything under “emergencies”, but Saturday there was. It was a report on the enormous earthquake in Chile and the ensuing expectation there could be a tsunami of some size as a result. It was announced that Easter Islands had already been hit and Hawaii was “clearing places along the shoreline”. The Net report said there was the potential for a 3-foot wave in the Sea of Cortez, which would “stand up” to a greater height if it hit shore, between 10:00 am and noon. Since our campsite was perhaps two feet above the high tide line, we decided it might be a good time to get hooked up and ready to go in the event we observed the tell-tale sign of the water receding. So that’s what we did. It turns out there wasn’t anything very noticeable in the way of a wave, but it gave people something to talk about on the Net. We didn’t observe any of our fellow campers moving, but we did note that a few found yesterday morning a good time to run errands in town.

We arrived at Playa Juncalito about 1:00 and got set up in a spot near where we were last February. We said a quick hello to a couple folks we knew on the beach with promises that we’d get together “soon”, then piled into the truck and headed to town. We’d previously received an email from friends Cindy and Tom saying there was a “big party” at Del Borracho, the restaurant owned by Tom’s brother in nearby Loreto.


This annual event is held to welcome a group of 100+ Harley Davidson owners on a “run” up from Cabo. Now, if any of you have come across a scholarly article explaining what happens to some men of a “certain age” causing them to become someone we suspect they were not, when they were younger, we’d love to hear about it. It turned to be an outdoor party with three bands, a big barbecue sponsored by the restaurant, plus a couple Mexican stands selling tacos and Mexican hot dogs, along with beers for 10 pesos (80 cents) attended by several hundred folks, both gringos and Mexicans. While “big parties attended by people he doesn’t know” isn’t really Bob’s thing, and “bands playing music at very high volume” isn’t Cathryn’s, we did stay for a couple hours and enjoyed the people-watching and chatting with a few folks we know.


We were back on the beach by 5:30 and enjoyed a quiet night “at home”.

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