Monday, February 22, 2010


Bob’s career background leads him to look at the way things are constructed. Why else would someone spend time thinking about sidewalks?

In the larger Mexican towns and cities, sidewalks are almost always provided. But it appears that it is up to each property owner fronting a sidewalk to decide how wide it is, how far above the grade of the road it is, and if and where curb cuts are included. This results in walking along and finding a two-foot drop between one section of side walk and the next, or having driveway ramps that feel like you’re traversing a steep hillside. And while concrete seems to be the standard construction material, the degree and kind of finish seems to be a creative one, not a standardized decision. Here are a couple of photos of some of the sidewalks we’ve run across.

It all makes walking a bit of an adventure. We constantly find ourselves trying to maintain an upright position as we walk along looking at the sights. We wonder if this is one of the reasons the pace of life in Mexican towns is a bit slower than up north – it’s got to be, or you’ll trip and break your neck!

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