Wednesday, February 24, 2010

We’re On The Road Again!

Our 6 weeks in East Cape is over, and we’re on the road again. We had a wonderful time exploring the southern cape of Baja but are ready to find more new places and revisit some of our favorite spots on the peninsula. We have a general plan for the next month heading back to the border, and a more detailed plan for the first two weeks. But we know from experience the plans don’t usually stay fixed much past the second day, when a little more time looking at the map or a conversation with another traveler means a new plan is made. We do know we won’t have internet as often or as easily available as it has been for the last few weeks, so we’ll go back to using our SPOT device (see sidebar for an explanation of what this is and how it works), so you can keep track of us if you’re interested.

The Plan

Map picture

We’ll leave Los Barriles Wednesday morning and make a long push up to Lopez Mateos on Bahia Magdalena (“Mag Bay” for short) on the Pacific coast. Mag Bay is one of three well-know whale watching destinations during the winter breeding season here in Baja, and we plan to spend at least one day going out on a panga to see some whales. On Friday we expect to head back across the peninsula to the Sea of Cortez side to return to one of our favorite places, Playa Juncalito. We plan to stay there a week, then move on to Loreto in time to participate in the Sunday market the following weekend. After Loreto, we’ll continue north up the coast about 80 miles to Bahia Concepcion. We haven’t decided where we’ll stay there, but expect to spend another week on the beach. From that point the plan gets a little fuzzy, but then it doesn’t really matter, does it?

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