Saturday, February 20, 2010

Last trip to San Antonio

We finally made it back to the Centro de Cultura in San Antonio to pick up Cathryn’s pottery. MaryZonia fired them in the kiln earlier this week. We arrived to find Xochitl, the older sister, at the Center rather than MaryZonia, and she was interested in some more computer help from Bob. Having anticipated that possibility, Bob brought his laptop, along with a contribution of 100 blank CDs so they can make copies of things in their work. Bob and Xochitl spent a couple hours hunched over their laptops with Bob demonstrating various things she was interested in learning. He also made a copy of a reportedly fabulous DVD called “Corazon Vaquero” (Heart of the Cowboy”) that is supposed to be a documentary about the life of cowboys who live on the Ranchos in Baja and still do everything “the old way”. We haven’t watched it yet, but have been told by several people that it will astonish us.

Xochitl delivered to Cathryn her fired pottery along with a “report card” from MaryZonia which Bob photographed and will post. For those of you who read Spanish, you’ll see why Cathryn has a big smile on her face in the photo with Xochitl! Just as our kids use lots of short-hand when text messaging, Mexicans apparently use the letter “K” to replace the word “que” (pronounced the same way) when writing informally, as you’ll see in the handwritten note from MaryZonia.

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