Sunday, February 14, 2010

Logistics of Life

This will not be a post about how we get water for the RV, refill our propane tanks or take showers. It won’t even be about life in Mexico. Cathryn got an email from her friend Gary Kenyon, who is considering doing some RV-ing now that he’s retired, inquiring how we handle things while we’re away from home so long: mail, house maintenance, etc. Here’s Cathryn’s answer to Gary.

Cathryn’s sister Susan and her husband Bob (we Rice girls have a tradition of marrying Bobs) flew up from Texas to visit our parents in Gig Harbor. They’re staying at our house in Olalla for a few days. Yesterday Cathryn received emails from Susan and Bob, with photos attached, describing a 60-foot log, and 3 other smaller logs, which had become jammed between our rock bulkhead and our beach stairs. Unfortunately when something like this happens the wave action, tides and occasional storm surge during the winter bash the logs about and eventually combine to destroy the stairs, which are made of wood.

We quickly sent off an email to Bob’s sister Lynn and her husband David (who were just in Baja visiting us last week) asking if they could take a look and make arrangements with a contractor to have the logs removed. David, being the King-of-Do-It-Yourselfers, instead grabbed his fishing waders and chainsaw and headed to our house first thing in the morning. No one has written a detailed version of how things transpired from there, but best we can tell from the photos they did send, David, with Bob’s assistance, waded into the 48 degree Puget Sound waters with chainsaw in hand and dispensed with the logs. Voila . . . problem solved! We feel guilty that we were sitting on the rooftop deck having margaritas with friends while our relatives were at home in the rain taking care of our home for us. Thank you David, Lynn, Bob and Susan!!!!!!

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