Thursday, February 11, 2010

Climate Change - it's real!

At least in Los Barriles, Baja. Tuesday night we got into bed about 10pm only to hear the beginning of what turned out to be an all-night rainstorm – the second in a week! Russett tells us it only rains 2 days per year here, and never in February, so we’re not sure what to make of this. When we woke this morning it was still raining intermittently and lightly and was only 59 degrees. Again, we expect no sympathy.

Bob, Cathryn, Lynn and David piled into the truck at 8am Wednesday and headed to Cabo San Lucas to get in a final shopping excursion at Los Artesanos, a huge Mexican craft shop Phebe recommended that has lots of pottery and pewter dishes, baskets, yard art, carved wood items and others all at very good prices. We each selected several items to buy, with Lynn and David keeping an eye on what they’d be able to fit into their carry-on luggage. Cathryn, unfortunately, fell in love with a large hammered copper shallow pot she wants to hang high on the wall in the living room back home, and it’s both heavy and large, so we’ll have to find a spot for it in the truck for the journey home.

We stopped at a place new to us called Rigo’s for lunch, but it was before noon, and breakfast sounded good, so we each ordered eggs. The food was delicious, except for the coffee, which we find is rarely to our taste in Baja.

Next we were off to the airport where we said goodbye to Lynn and David. We had a wonderful time with them here and were sad to see them go.

Russett’s Book Group from Boise, Idaho (9 women) travels to Baja each February for a week, and 5 of them flew in today at exactly the same time we dropped off Lynn and David, coincidentally. Since Russett’s car isn’t big enough to transport them all, we took Maureen and Ethna in our truck and deposited them an hour later at another house in Los Barriles – nice, interesting women with whom we enjoyed the conversation on the way.

We were just about to head up to the rooftop deck for cocktail hour when who should appear, unexpectedly and unasked for, but Ponytail Doug! We’ve had lousy, intermittent internet the entire month we’ve been in this house, and he decided he simply had to get it to run better. So – round 4 with Ponytail Doug, another 2 hours of his fussing with our computers and equipment (actually the last 40 minutes was just talking together over a beer), and VOILA – we think he got it fixed! We’re reluctant to claim that, since we’ve thought we were at this point before, but for the rest of the evening (and so far this morning) our internet worked so well that Cathryn was even able to make a phone call on Skype, something that’s been essentially impossible all month.

In case you haven't noticed, sometimes Bob adds random photos to these posts when the posts themselves don't call for a specific picture. Thats what todays photos are.

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Valerie said...

No wonder the coffee is rarely to your taste, you are true Seattleites!

Glad you got to meet some more Boiseans, aren't we the best? ;)