Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Sort of Like June in Seattle

Okay, we’re not looking for any sympathy here. Not that we think we’d get any if we were. But today is a pretty weird day in Baja! We awoke to normal morning temps in the high 60s, but unusually, the sky was completely gray and overcast, with no wind. We had a rare day planned of hanging out around the house, catching up on domestic chores – laundry, cleaning the truck and house, and grocery shopping, interspersed with reading our books and possibly a siesta, of course – so it didn’t really matter. At 11:00 the strangest thing started . . . rain! The first 10 minutes were light and intermittent; Bob called Cathryn out to witness the strange event. But then the skies opened up, and it started raining hard – the kind of rain that makes us peer out of our house in Olalla and consider building a fire. We had laundry on the rooftop clothesline which was quickly soaked and had to be brought in to go through the spin cycle in the washing machine again, then hung indoors (there’s no dryer in the house), and a pile of shoes on the front patio brought in to dry. It’s now 3:30 p.m. and the plastic bucket which holds clothes pins on the rooftop deck shows we’ve had 2 inches of rain! And it’s only 65 degrees, the coolest afternoon we’ve seen in Baja. Hence the title of today’s posting “Sort of Like June in Seattle”. Unfortunately, we feel right at home. (Update prior to posting: it’s 7PM and STILL raining!)

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