Friday, February 5, 2010

Shoreline Drive

This morning we drove with Lynn and David up the coast road to Punta Pescadero and stopped at a couple of locations along the way. We spent an hour fishing near Punta Pescadero (15 minutes of casting each, with no fish caught) where Jim took us fishing last November, then moved north a few miles where we stopped for an hour and a half for a picnic lunch, followed by a leisurely beach walk during which we did some shelling. While on our beach walk we spotted an Osprey It was sunny and 77 degrees, so Lynn commented that “this feels like a real winter vacation!”

After our journey followed by some napping and book reading back home, Russett, our next-door neighbor, friend and landlady, came at 5:30 for dinner. After a cocktail on the rooftop deck, we came inside to cook. When Russett and David discovered Bob had put Ella Fitzgerald on the iPod, they broke out dancing on the kitchen floor. At one time in her life Russett taught dancing at a Fred Astaire studio, and Lynn and David took dancing lessons at one – a happy meeting of minds!

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