Saturday, February 13, 2010

More ArT

The Asociacion de Artes del Mar de Cortes (Association of the Arts of the Sea of Cortez) held their annual Tour of Art Studios in Los Barriles today. For 50 pesos (about $4) we got a map directing us to 11 art studios scattered around the vicinity. We were disappointed to learn that, without exception, all of the artists were female gringos aged 60-70. We expected that to be a part of the demographic of artists, but hoped there would also be some Mexicans, some men, maybe even some young people in the mix. Apparently taking up jewelry making, painting and pottery-making is a popular activity among the gringo women who spend their winters here. Two of the artists seemed to us to have real talent, and the rest were hobbyists. Nonetheless we enjoyed the tour. The highlight was getting to tour some truly fascinating homes and gardens – maybe they should sponsor a Home and Garden Tour next year!

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