Thursday, February 25, 2010

We Were Wrong


We said our Plans rarely last much past the second day. Would you believe 6 hours? We ended the day at Playa Ligui on the Sea of Cortez, about 10 miles south of Playa Juncalito, where we previously planned to arrive Friday! Total miles traveled for the day: 314, more than we ever want to cover in one day in Baja. What happened? Well, we got to Lopez Mateos on Bahia Magdalena on the Pacific side about 2:00 p.m., an hour or so later than expected because of an event that occurred in Ciudad Constitucion we’ll tell you about later.

Lopez Mateos was just like the Church’s camp book said: boondocking on the Embarcadero (jetty) where the pangas leave for whale-watching trips. We’ve learned over time that the Churches bend over backward to be non-judgmental in describing locations. I guess they recognize that what works for some doesn’t for others, so they give “just the facts” and let you make your own judgment. In this case our judgment was: unappealing and unattractive. We walked around for half an hour and decided we’d keep going, so we did.

We’ve talked about staying at Playa Ligui on previous trips through this stretch of road, but never quite got there. We decided that by leaving Lopez Mateos, we were ahead of schedule on our planned itinerary, so we’d check it out. Turns out it’s quite nice! The camp spots are quite dispersed so it’s probably 100 feet or more to the next closest camper, and we’re right on the beach. It’s windy tonight, so we may find we prefer to move to a site further back in the trees tomorrow if it remains windy.

We’ve settled in to our campsite, had a margarita by ourselves while watching the sunset, moon rise and wave break on the beach, and just finished a bowl of soup for dinner. The long drive today will probably result in our calling it an early night.

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