Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tropic of Cancer

N 23*42.066 W 109*42.073 We’ve added the coordinates of our camp in Los Barriles, something we have neglected to do so far. Today we drove about 70 miles south to Cabo San Lucas, via San Jose del Cabo. The latter is the historic town on the Cape, while Cabo San Lucas is the new destination for tourists. About half way down, we drove across the Tropic of Cancer. The photo that accompanies this post shows the huge cruise ship in the harbor of Cabo San Lucas. We didn’t really spend much time in either, basically just a quick tour and a plan to spend more time in both next year when we come down. We had another, and we have pledged our last, frustrating day of dealing with Bob’s lost wallet. We went through a number of steps today trying to get a Mexican provisional drivers license, only to end up at an office in San Jose del Cabo and being told, for the first time, that we need an FM3 (a temporary resident card you can get only after living here for 6 months) in order to obtain even a provisional license. Lest you make the mistake of thinking it is the Mexicans who can’t get their act together, let us tell you about the Washington State Dept. of Licensing. They told Bob that if he prints out, completes and signs their form requesting a replacement license, then mails it to them (this takes two weeks from Mexico) they will mail him a new temporary license in 21 to 45 days (by which time we will be back home). He told them he was 2,500 miles from home and at risk of being thrown in Mexican jail if caught driving without a license, and they basically told him “tough luck”. We will only describe the alternate plan we’ve developed for dealing with this problem if it works and we don’t get caught, later.

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