Thursday, February 19, 2009

Todos Santos day-trip

Today we drove 1hour northwest then 1 hour southwest, to the Pacific Ocean side of the peninsula for a day-trip to Todos Santos. We’d been told it might remind us of Sedona, Taos or Santa Fe, as it has nice Mexican architecture and is a community made up of many artists, both Mexican and Gringo. In fact, it didn’t remind us of those towns as it feels much more Mexican than those cities, which feel predominantly Southwest American. It does, however, have many lovely buildings with old Mexican architectural features, as well as many galleries and shops with good art of all kinds: paintings, sculptures, glass, metal art, jewelry, fabrics and leather – you name it. We wandered the streets, bought some vegetables at a wonderful farmer’s cooperative shop, and Bob took photos. The only RV park there, however, was very disappointing, so we’re glad we decided to make our journey to Todos Santos a day trip, rather than stay there 2 nights as we’d originally planned. We also previously had the impression the town was actually on the coastline, and in fact, it’s about 3 kilometers off the coastline at most points in the city.

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