Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A "No Car Day"

For the first time since we left home, we’ve had a day in which we didn’t use the car (although yesterday we only drove 24 miles, to Mulege and back)! This morning we went for a run, followed by a shower, then had some time on the beach drinking coffee. Just before lunch our neighbors, Jan and Jim from Canada, generously offered us the use of their kayaks. We went west along the shoreline about 2 miles to the next bay where there’s a small community of beach homes (North American, not Mexican). Along the way we passed a pelican, as you can see in the photo, as well as a flock of birds that looked a lot like egrets, but slightly different. There were small stingrays and black 5-armed starfish in the clear, shallow water. This afternoon we’re just hangin’ out. Bob has been reading, and Cathryn has spent time chatting with various neighbors up and down the beach, touring the insides of their RVs and gathering Baja “intelligence” (is anyone surprised at this distribution of activities?), so there isn’t much to report today. It’s all very pleasant. We currently think we’ll stay here at Bahia Concepcion (Santipac campground) until Saturday. We love this place but want to continue our Baja explorations and will have spent a week here by then.

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