Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Secret Salsa Recipe

This evening we were invited up the beach a few rigs and had beers, salsa and chips with Craig and Janet from Oak Harbor, WA. Very nice people, they spend about half the year in Mexico from October to April, and the balance of the year in Washington. We suffered a little bit of rig envy when we saw their king size bed and what appeared to be almost a full size bathroom. Craig is apparently the primary cook in the family, and he served his just-freshly-made salsa. It was fabulous, or as Mom/Lydia would say, “out of this world”! Cathryn, in her usual style, managed to tease out the ingredients, although not the proportions, from Craig. To honor his secret, we will not repeat the list of nine ingredients here. But once we’ve mastered the proportions we promise to share the results with you, and we’ll call it “Craig’s Salsa”. Craig also turned us on to the second secret of his success with salsa: the “Ultra Chef Express” available at the Puyallup Fair, and at a street market in Yuma, AZ Thursdays through Sundays. Who knows, maybe we’ll pass through Yuma on our way home?

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