Saturday, February 7, 2009

A Beach Detail

Yesterday afternoon a young Mexican couple came by and offered to wash and wax our neighbor’s 31-foot 5thwheel RV and truck. When they’d completed the job they came over to us, and we arranged for them to do our car and trailer this morning. They arrived about 8 AM and began the work. It took about 3 hours altogether. They brought a young man along to help since they had two jobs to do at the same time. The kid, as you can see in the photo, was not a real go-getter, but the wife of the couple worked very hard. This couple had been in Phoenix, AZ working (without a green card) until recently. He was doing cable TV installations and she was working in the fields. They got busted and shipped back across the border and are basically just waiting until their children, who were born in the U.S. and therefore are US citizens, turn 21 and can sponsor them – only 10 years to go. These are hard-working people who have learned the English language and were contributing to the economy doing jobs nobody else wanted. Something’s wrong here with our immigration policies. Anyway, by 11:30 they were done. Total charge for a wash and wax of both vehicles: $70. While all this was going on, we went for a run. Given everything going on around our car and trailer, you can imagine that trying to set up our shower tent and cleaning up would have been a little awkward. So our continuously generous neighbors Jim and Jan offered to let us use their shower in their 31-foot 5th wheel RV. (We learned the difference between camping in a Chalet, and RV’ing in a “rig”; it was pretty nice!) By noon we were on our way down the road to Loreto!

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