Friday, February 27, 2009

Day at the Beach

When we returned to Playa Juncalito, Bob asserted that we would not fill every day with activities like sailing, hiking, or kayaking as he wanted “one day to just be at the beach”. Today was that day. Here is what a day at the beach looks like: We started off with our daily visit from Audrey, a neighbor who walks early and stops to chat while we’re drinking coffee outside. We then went for a run and talked to two other neighbors for a while, had our showers and by then it was 10:30. During the rest of the mid-day we took two strolls on the beach, one in the late morning, one in the afternoon, interspersed with lunch and reading our books in our chairs on the beach (Cathryn under her umbrella, Bob in the full sun), and drinking a beer on the beach mid-afternoon, Cathryn took a nap, and we declined the kind offer to borrow kayaks from neighbors. Around 3:30 we went to nearby Puerto Escondido (2 miles away) to buy drinking water (we’re drinking a gallon a day of the stuff!), check email and post to our blog at the local bar that offers free internet to those who spend at least 40 pesos ($3.00), thus we were “required” to have our second beer of the day. We enjoy the fact that every time it snows in Seattle we get emails from people telling us how the winter weather is there, and how lucky we are to be in Baja. And we wandered down to Jan and Jim’s rig for what may be our last night together for cocktail hour. At 7pm we returned for dinner back at the Chalet, then retired to our chairs outside with a glass of wine and looked at stars, including one falling star, and listened to the pounding surf. Bob commented how happy it makes him to sit outside in bare feet and shorts at 9pm, after his day at the beach, with the temperature still 62 degrees, and the stars brighter than we ever see them anywhere else in our life. And all of this on February 26. Life is good!

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Your loving daughter said...

So...walk, beer, drive, beer, eat, cocktails, wine. Sounds like a great day!