Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Playa Juncalito Reprise

This morning we got up, went for a final run on the La Paz Malecon, and about noon pulled out of La Paz. We spent the next 5 hours driving, and re-tracing previous steps through the agricultural plain north of La Paz. We stopped for groceries at Ciudad Constitucion where the temperature was 101 degrees, and continued into the Las Gigantas mountains, then dropped back down to the Sea of Cortez and Playa Juncalito (the place we stayed 10-12 days ago and went sailing with Carl, and hiking into Tripui Canyon) where the temperature was a much more comfortable 78. We were completing our campsite set-up (this one is boon-docking, without any facilities other than a very rustic outhouse), when who should appear at our door than Jan from Penticton B.C., who we’d last had dinner with in La Paz, and thought she and Jim were at Bahia Magdalena. They’re at the opposite end of the beach from where we settled, and we agreed to catch up late tomorrow afternoon if our days’ plans both lend themselves to that schedule. As we head north, each place seems warmer than the last time we were here. Carl, the man who took us sailing last time we were here, also showed up at our door and offered us clams, as he’d acquired too many to eat tonight and wanted them to be enjoyed fresh. We had delicious clams and salad for dinner, then sat on the beach in the dark with our camp chairs and a glass of wine, listening to the roar of the surf and watching the stars appear as the night became darker. We’re camped only 50 feet from the water, and the surf seems to never quiet down, so we’ll go to sleep tonight to the roar of the surf. The wind is quieter than last time we were here. Tomorrow we plan a day-trip to the nearby tiny fishing village of Agua Verde.

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