Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Just Another Day at the Beach

When the sun came up over the hill and hit the beach this morning, Bob went outside with his cup of coffee. He stepped out of the Chalet, turned back and said, “Cathryn, I like being warm”. That pretty much sums it up. We spent the morning on the beach, went for a run just before lunch, took showers and now are kicking back, relaxing, reading and napping. Even Bob has had enough sun for one day. We’ve had fewer vendors come by so far today, but have managed to buy some fresh Trigger fish ( a local white fish) for dinner, a chicken tamale we had for lunch, and a gorgeous supply of organic veggies. It looks like you could pretty much never leave the beach if you didn’t want to. Tonight we’re going to have a beach fire and “after-dinner drinks” with a few neighbors starting about 7pm. The wind tends to pick up in the afternoons and then drops off about 6:30pm. When the sun goes behind a hill at 5:30 and the wind is still blowing, it tends to get a little chilly outside, but gets warmer again when the wind dies down, so a 7pm start with neighbors will be perfect for a warm evening and beach fire. We do have to run into town this afternoon to pick up our propane tank, and to do internet, but hope tomorrow we can have a car-free day.

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Valerie said...

Bob, I like being warm too. The problem is I'm in Seattle and not Baja California Sur. I'm glad you guys are having a great time! Hasta luego!