Sunday, February 8, 2009


Three cheers for Bob -- he succeeded in taking a video with my little Panasonic LUMIX camera today in Loreto! He tried previously and was unable to succeed in even filming video, so this is a step forward, though he still hasn't figured out how to get the large file to upload directly on our blog, so you will have to settle for still photos until we get home. So today while we were walking on the Malecon in Loreto, we noticed there were huge numbers of pelicans in the water and air near the jetty by the marina. We walked out on the jetty and watched pelicans dive-bombing for almost 30 minutes. The number of pelicans was so great it conjured up memories of Hitchcock's movie "The Birds". As those of you who have been to tropical areas with lots of pelicans know, they lack grace when diving and look as if someone either shot them out of the air as they plunge downward and land face-first in the water, or as if they just died of a heart attack.

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