Monday, February 2, 2009

Morning Begins With "Hola"

This morning we got up after our first night of the trip in which we didn’t need to use the heater. It was 61 degrees at 7 AM, and the sunrise was beautiful. We made coffee, put on light jackets and went outside to watch the water lap the shore. About 7:45 a guy drove up in an old beater car and the first of 8 conversations that were to occur over the next four hours began with an exchange of pleasantries: “Hola, tengo ________. Quiere?”. He then offered us a variety of fresh food and seafood. We ended up buying two chicken tamales for $1.25 and a kilo of shrimp for $9.00. One of the tamales served as our breakfast today. Over the next four hours 7 other vendors came by offering more varieties of food – bread, pies, seafood, and a mix of blankets, sombreros and jewelry. Each exchange began with “Hola,”. The vendors were very good about taking no for an answer, so it didn’t feel like we were being harassed. After our breakfast we went for a run and then came back for our “shower”. You can see Bob peeking out of the shower stall here. We used our onboard water heater, and the Chalet’s outside shower fixture. Even Cathryn agreed it worked very well. After lunch today we’re heading into the town of Mulege for an afternoon of chores, laundry, grocery shopping, and hopefully getting a propane tank filled. It was a week ago Sunday we did this last.

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