Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Winstanley Island

Saturday morning we departed Ketchikan and fueled up again, happily at U.S. prices instead of Canadian prices, and headed for the Misty Fjords National Monument.

We stumbled upon the spot at Point Alava where a group of the fishing fleet hangs out to await the noon opening of the next season.

It was finally sunny, and so warm (73) Cathryn pulled out capris and a tank top while Bob switched to short sleeves.

48 miles later Winstanley Island off the Behm Canal provided anchorage for the night. We dropped the dinghy to do some exploring.

A sailboat came into the anchorage shortly, a woman sailing alone. We stopped to chat on the way back to our boat. She solo sailed that boat (perhaps 32 feet?) from Victoria to Haida Gwaii last summer, left it there and flew home for the winter, then returned in May to continue sailing north to Glacier Bay. Wow! She's now southbound. She's a family physician, looks to be in her 60s, and does two-week assignments at rural hospitals or clinics. Her next assignment in August is at the Bella Bella hospital where we spent a night last summer. She knows the doc who treated Bob there.

This is a quiet anchorage which supposedly sees bears, moose, mink and marten, but none showed their faces for us. But this is Bob's happy place.

And very still. 

Bob cooked dinner on the grill, and we ate in the cockpit. 
Goodnight, Moon!

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