Sunday, July 3, 2016


We got an early start in the rain, dropping the rafting lines from "RePhyl" after saying goodbye and heading to the fuel dock. 
Early on, a Minke whale popped out of the water only 50 feet from the boat.

The wind was blowing stiffly last night, but forecast to settle this morning. It didn't settle quickly enough, so as we headed west to Milbanke Sound, found southwest winds and 12-foot seas, the biggest we've been in. "Phoenix" rode like a champ, and Bob was okay, but Cathryn wasn't happy. So we ducked into Mathieson Channel after two hours of growing discomfort and took the longer back-route to Klemtu on Finlayson Channel. Anchored at Clothes Bay, we had the whole place to ourselves except for a number of bald eagles topping some trees.

An announcement on the VHF radio said some students were performing dancing and drumming at the Big House tonight, so headed to shore to watch.

A number of Klemtu residents shared stories of their families, community and history, making us feel welcome. 

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