Saturday, July 23, 2016


Ketchikan is situated in a rain forest and gets 152" of rain annually, almost twice as much as Wrangell (79") which gets twice as much as Seattle (38"). So it was no surprise as we moved south from Wrangell we saw fog, rain, mist, and eventually, high wind (20-25 mph gusting to 30) and waves 5 feet. Two hours on Clarence Strait just before entering the Tongass Narrows where Ketchikan is situated was uncomfortable but not scary. Lots of banging around and putting loose objects on the floor purposely, to avoid their falling and breaking. 

Coming into Ketchikan you steer out of the path of Cruise Ships as they're over 1000' long, travel twice our speed, and aren't as maneuverable as Phoenix.

So we tied up in Bar Harbor North, one of three basins run by the City of Ketchikan. It's lousy weather for hiking or fishing.

Even inside the marina, it's windy, and the boat is rocking. We're snug and dry inside, working our way down the chores list and eating up fruits and meats we can't transport into Canada when we leave here in a few days. 

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