Sunday, July 17, 2016

Anan Bear Observatory, near Wrangell, AK

The Forest Service manages this place on Anan Creek where salmon run thick, bears and eagles are abundant, and they built observation deck railings and a blind where a limited number of folks get permits daily to observe the bears. Spencer took us there, equipped to protect us if the need arose. 

We walked 1/2 mile in, got a briefing from a Forest Service employee, and spent 3 hours watching bears and eagles fishing, close-up but safely behind a rail or in a blind.

First bear we saw was a Grizzly swimming and fishing in the stream.

Next up was many black bears within 10 to 150 feet from where we stood. 

We always felt safe, but occasionally our guide told us to step back in case the bear took a swipe at us from the railing. 

There were 7 of us with our guide, and we all declared it a major highlight of our trips. 

Some bears were really good at catching fish, others less so. 

I have numerous 30-second videos of bears in the stream, actually catching fish, but Blogger won't let me post videos. Or maybe I just don't know how to make it do that. 

Thanks Wrangell! It's been a great stop. 

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