Thursday, July 14, 2016

Meyers Chuck

We have 3 sets of boating friends who have been to tiny Meyers Chuck, and all loved it, so we had to include a stop-over. There are 12 year-round residents, a couple dozen more who own cabins and come for the summer, and a small community dock with no electricity or other amenities which is free for tie-up by cruisers passing through. 

The 48' Nordhavn docked in front of us has 4 folks from Seattle aboard. Two other boats on the dock are inhabited by folks from the Port Orchard Yacht Club. Small world, we keep finding. 

We wandered the trails in the woods of Meyers Chuck which take you to a beach and past each cabin, offering surprises in the form of whimsical art installed by residents. A heron caught a fish (with Phoenix in the background on dock).

A spider web with a crab at its' center instead of a spider. 

The community art gallery was open briefly, and we picked up a unique "Christmas tree" decoration formed by wood turning, made from rough wood with bark intact. 

Sweet dreams, til tomorrow, Meyers Chuck!

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