Friday, July 29, 2016

Hartley Bay

We raised the hook early and left Baker Inlet before 8am. Grenville Channel is a 45-mile long, fairly narrow channel connecting Arthur Passage in the north with Wright Sound in the South. Flooding tides meet in the middle, so today was our lucky day and we got a 1-2 knot current boost all morning, then arrived at the point where tides flow the opposite direction, only to benefit from a 1-2 knot boost again as the tide turned the other direction. Love it when that works out!

We arrived in Hartley Bay, a First Nations village of the Gitga'at tribe or band. The only person we know from here is of the Tsimshian tribe, but we tried to find him this afternoon and learned he left for Victoria a while ago.

Hartley is a colorful place with boardwalks instead of roads, and ATVs instead of cars. It looks like everyone owns a fishing boat. A totem pole and attractive Big House adorn the waterfront. 

We're at a Government Dock, which means a free place to tie up and also dispose of garbage. It's a small marina, crowded tonight with only 3 recreational cruisers like us, but many mid-size fishing boats, local and from all over.

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