Friday, July 8, 2016


Jeff returned to the boat at 5pm to begin installation of the new radar we bought yesterday. At 5:30 Matt called to say the longer cable had arrived on the Alaska Airlines flight, and Cathryn walked up to the street to meet him. 

Bob played "Assistant" for the next five hours, finding tools and other supplies Jeff needed, and helping remove the refrigerator to pull the cable down the wall from the radar mast through the flying bridge to the lower helm.

Jeff squirmed under the lower helm and completely disappeared from view, pulling cable.

Finally at 10 pm the installation was complete and voila: the radar works! Jeff is amazing: he can do anything! 

And so tomorrow morning we pull out of Ketchikan and take a 4-day journey around the Misty Fjords National Monument loop. We're pretty sure we won't have a cell signal that whole time, so we'll post photos when we're back online. 

Goodnight, Ketchikan! It's been great.

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