Friday, July 1, 2016

Ocean Falls

70 miles further, we arrived at tiny Ocean Falls, population 19, former site of a Crown-Zellerbach pulp mill (then with 5,000 residents). The notch in the mountains ahead is the channel entry to Ocean Falls.

Harbormaster Herb owns the small marina and gave Cathryn and Charlene a lengthy tour of the former warehouse he brought back from the ruins, remodeling for boat storage, workshops, a two bedroom apartment and his "Wednesday men's lunch" dining hall. Herb is full of fantastic stories.

A dam sits just above the ghost town and provides water to Ocean Falls and electricity for the nearby communities of Shearwater and Bella Bella.
Herb made cedar cutting boards for Charlene and me, and "Nearly Normal Norm" gave us a tour of his treasure trove museum.

Phoenix and RePhyl, seen from the road. 

Bob and Darrell dropped crab pots and pulled 4 Dungeness out of the water.

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