Thursday, July 21, 2016

Petersburg and Wrangell

As always, plans change. Weather, whereabouts of others we know, and "we're tired" or "we have a lot of energy today" intervene. Leaving Tracy Arm, we'd have liked to visit friends Jim and Robin on 49' DeFever "Adventures", full-time live-aboards who now are residents of Petersburg. But they're away at Glacier Bay taking friends on a long-planned visit there. And the hikes and activities Robin suggested we do in Petersburg lost their appeal when we spent one night at Petersburg and it was raining steadily. So we left for Wrangell.

All day today, it was foggy or rainy or dark gray and cloudy. So we arrived in Wrangell and treated ourselves to dinner out. With a stormy-looking if beautiful view. And at least it's warm-ish (high 60s).

And that's it for Wednesday and Thursday. Tomorrow we continue south hoping to connect with boating friends in Meyers Chuck and Ketchikan.

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