Sunday, July 3, 2016

Shearwater, Canada Day

We followed "RePhyl" out of Ocean Falls in moderate fog, our radar still not working. It's 2.5 hours to Shearwater with nice scenery and a rocky, winding slow speed section through Gunboat Passage, reminiscent of some we snaked our way through on the Great Loop.

On arrival at Shearwater Marina, it was raining, blowing, and we idled in the  harbour an hour while they shuffled boats to fit us in (we had a reservation) because they were over-booked, so ended up rafting us together.

Hoping to find an electronics tech to look at the radar, we had no luck, so went searching for Don Tite and Ian Reid, the two Coast Guard guys from Bella Bella who rescued us last summer. We found Don's parents and learned he's on assignment in Victoria now. We bumped into Ian at a restaurant, so had another happy reunion and hugs, met his fiancĂ©e, and were invited to their wedding on the beach at Bella Bella next month. 

Dinner at a restaurant (first since we left home) with Darrell and Charlene was delightful, and we all planned to stay for Canada Day music in the bar including an Elvis impersonator, but were too tired.

On the way back to our boats we ran into Bill and Annie from God's Pocket 150 miles south of here. Bill helped us change out a broken alternator in Port Hardy last summer. Serendipity, another reunion!

Saturday morning dawned blustery and rainy, but we'd planned an oil change for the morning, laundry and groceries for the afternoon, so no kayaking, fishing or crabbing for us!

Tomorrow morning we say goodbye to Darrell and Charlene as they head south and we begin moving north again.

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